TTU Student American Society of Landscape Architecture


The Texas Tech chapter of the Student American Society of Landscape Architecture (TTU SASLA) strives to provide a welcoming outside-the-classroom community for Texas Tech landscape architecture students. It does so by hosting meetings, discussions, fundraisers, social events, conferences (including the first annual WreckShop, which took place February 7-8, 2014) and other activities related to landscape architecture.

Student Involvement

Consistent with its student-centered mission, SASLA encourages student involvement in a variety of outside-the-classroom activities, including everything from volunteer work to assisting one another with both school-related and non-school-related issues. Moreover, SASLA urges members to be aware of the natural and built environments and to take advantage of opportunities that are available to them beyond the association or the classroom. In organization meetings students are informed of social events, service opportunities, student-related events, and other activities on campus and in the community.

SASLA members receive points for participation in organization events. Each member must earn a minimum number of points in four categories throughout the semester:

  • 3 Service Points
  • 4 Meeting Points
  • 2 Fundraising Points
  • 2 Social Points

Executive Committee

Each year, SASLA members elect an executive committee consisting of eight positions: president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, events coordinator, historian, public relations coordinator, and community events coordinator. Each position entails a specific set of responsibilities supporting the organization’s mission.

The executive committee also advocates for the Department of Landscape Architecture, as well as educating about and promoting the profession throughout the university and community. In addition to encouraging the university’s landscape architecture students to participate in SASLA, officers organize events and attend all hosted events and SASLA meetings.

Additional Information

Additional information about the organization and its upcoming events can be found on the TTU SASLA Facebook page.