Sigma Lambda Alpha

Sigma Lambda Alpha was founded in 1977 at the University of Minnesota. Sigma Lambda Alpha is defined by the Association of College Honor Societies, as a specialized honor society, of which it has been a member since 1983. Its members have demonstrated achievement within a given department of a school, college or larger unit of an appropriately accredited university. Sigma Lamda Alpha has the distinction of being the only international honor society in North America that exclusively recognizes scholarship in landscape architecture. There are 50 chapters nationally of Sigma Lambda Alpha.

The Kappa Chapter of Sigma Lambda Alpha was established on July 17, 1979. The faculty advisor for the Kappa Chapter of Sigma Lambda Alpha is Charles Klein and it has 170 members. Two $1000 scholarships and six $500 scholarships are available on a competitive basis for members of the Kappa Chapter. More information about the Kappa chapter of Sigma Lambda Alpha can be received by emailing Charles Klein or calling 806.742.2858.

Information about the Sigma Lambda Alpha scholarships can be found below.