Yi Luo

Luo_photograph_532x495_frameYI LUO
Assistant Professor
Plant and Soil Science 153

Yi Luo is a native of China and came to Texas in 2010. Her research interests include landscape performance, sustainable development and assessment, stormwater management/low impact development, urban landscape ecology, and landscape architecture history.

Luo received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, and her master’s degree in landscape architecture from Utah State University.  Her doctorate in urban and regional science is from Texas A&M University. Luo has practiced architecture and landscape architecture in both China and the U.S., and she has been a licensed landscape architect in the State of Utah since 2009.

Prior to joining the Tech faculty, Luo was a teaching assistant and an instructor of record at Texas A&M University for three and a half years. The courses she has taught include Landscape Design Studios, Landscape Construction, and Landscape Architecture History. She has also been invited to give lectures on landscape performance and application of ArcGIS in landscape architecture.

Luo has been involved in a number of research projects. One example is landscape performance quantification funded by the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) in 20 12.  This research project was extended to her doctoral study of analyzing the framework of landscape performance.