Creativity has often been described as “thinking outside the box.” For landscape architects, thinking outside the box means developing creative design solutions for the built and natural environments that we find outside every day. They combine the art of design with environmental sciences and cultural understanding to reach a balance between the natural and man-made landscapes.

The landscape architecture program at Texas Tech offers a first professional degree program for both undergraduates (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture – B.L.A.) and graduates (Master of Landscape Architecture – M.L.A.). It is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board and all instructors have practiced professionally. The program is committed to providing students with the technical knowledge and creative skills necessary to respond to the unique cultural and environmental challenges of the region in order to assure the quality of life for its citizens and communities.

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Wondering if a career in Landscape Architecture is congruent with your interests? Have a look at this Landscape Architecture Interest Test to find out.

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Find out about the fantastic opportunities to Study Abroad through Texas Tech College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. By Jessica Corder and Joseph Saahene

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   Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Dryland and Beyond, spent an afternoon with LARC 2403 Planting Design students on Wednesday, March 5th, talking about water conservation and planting design. Mr. Lancaster is an expert in the fields of rainwater harvesting and water management.  He is a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and co-founder of […]

Renowned sketcher and landscape architect Tim Oliver guided the first-year students in TTU’s Landscape Architecture Program through a sketching workshop during the first week of February.

During the weekend of February 7-8, 2014, Texas Tech University’s Department of Landscape Architecture hosted its first annual “WreckShop.” As with the Alumni Homecoming Weekend of years past, the event was organized by the local chapter of the Student American Society of Landscape Architecture (SASLA) and brought students and alumni together to interact in an […]